Microsystem (internet management)


What is Microsystem?

Microsystem is a WIFI hotspot-access-point which eliminates users from abusing the internet bandwidth which results in a slow internet connection, download and upload. Microsystem allows administrators to control internet access usinga cutting edge software based on a cloud.

With Microsystem schools can:

  • Control students, teachers, administrators, etc. internet usageDifferentiate between browsing and download speeds
  • Track time spent on the internet
  • Track internet usage
  • Secure your network from hackers and cyber-crimes
  • No need for a specialized IT personnel
  • Affordable, Economic and Cost Effective
  • Internet filtering (Inappropriate websites)

Plug and Play:

  • Zero configuration & zero code
  • Auto installation
  • Flexible and user friendly

Internet Bandwidth Management:

  • Internet Bandwidth & daily quota management per user.
  • Downgrade speed or disable internet after quota finished.

Firewall and internet security:

Eliminate theft of confidential data between your private and public network for grounded security and protection.

Merge Your  Landlines  to their maximum:

Enjoy the maximum d of your landlines; Microsystem can merge all of your internet sources (speed and quotas) to a single connection.

Dashboard & Analytics:

  • Detailed and analytics dashboard
  • Reports
  • Monitor internet usage
  • Overview on internet traffic monthly


Separation between browsing and download speed:

  • Prioritize of the internet usage
  • Monitor traffic with remote management