Transpooler (school bus app.)

What is Transpooler in brief?

Transpooler is a user friendly school-bus Mobile APP and Dashboard with the aim of ensuring child safety.

The APP operates using smart phones and is powered by a smart management system.


What is the Story behind Transpooler?

Technology has been affecting our ongoing daily activity by converting concerns into easy solutions & accessible applications.

Thanks to technology, Transpooler offers the secret to reducing stress and worries for Schools’ management and for Parents.

When it comes to children safety, the schools’ top priority is to ensure that each child’s transportation process is safe and secure. Therefore, the idea of equipping schools with a bus tracking system turned out to be a must-use tool. It is important for schools to have a well-established and safe transportation system.

Arriving safe to school and back home can be a stressful concern for a parent’s peace of mind, but with live-tracking and monitoring and automated, optimized and personalized route planning, all can rest assured that they chose the optimum transportation method from a school that really cares.


  • Monitor school bus, & school bus fleet
  • Routes Optimization suggestions
  • Real-time tracking
  • Live speeding alerts
  • Live off-route alerts
  • Audit arrival and departure time per trip
  • Seamless handover of student’s addresses, pickup-times and contacts
  • 100% Mobile Solution: No GPS investment needed
  • An integrated Tracking App for each parent

Transpooler Work through 3 different channels

  1. Driver Dashboard: used by bus drivers during morning and afterschool trips.
  2. Administration Dashboard: Web application used by schools admins to monitor trips and ensure safety and transportation service punctuality.
  3. Parent/Student Dashboard: Used by students and parents to track the bus location, to get alerts when the bus is approaching their stop, and to connect with the school.


  • Get automatic recommendation on the optimum route (minimum time and travel distance)
  • Manually design the trip route plus the ability to have 2 routes per trip (mornings and afternoons)