Who We

PLUGN was established in 2017 with its headquarters in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. ; to provide education technology solutions, products, services, training and consultation to educational facilities’ day-to-day pain points throughout the MENA region.

PlugN’s role is to implement distinctive products and services that assist and directly benefit the learning cycle within nurseries, schools, and universities.

PlugN’s educational partners highly acknowledge the efficiency, the effectiveness and the value factors of its products and services in meeting their needs and clearing all obstacles. Products and services catered by Plug N are carefully selected under a rigorous cycle of quality assurance and market needs’ assessment.


Add real value to the learning cycle 

Be Unique

We aim at adding real value to the learning cycle by improving the functioning of the learning institution with the use of the latest technology and pedagogical approaches integral to running it.


Provide state of the art products

Be Secure

PlugN’s dynamic partnership with numerous innovative companies enables it to provide state of the art products and services that adhere to the market needs, correspond to the economic situation, and provide the competitive edge and stimulusfor the current teaching-learning environment.


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Be Brave

To support with the best solutions and updated methodologies.

To maximize the benefits of the teaching process and enhance its delivery modes.

To nurture long-term, sustainable and valuable partnerships based on trust.