Boost your nursery’s academic program with PlugN’s Early Years Education workshops

Invest in your classrooms’ Educational Level!!!!

PlugN for Educational Technology is introducing the British Early Years Foundation Stage Framework training program that aims to develop nurseries and preschools in Egypt and the Middle East. The program is very unique and can be customized to meet the needs of each and every early year’s institution.

Why PlugN’s Early Years Workshops?

Our workshops provide nurseries and school educators with real hands-on experience that can be easily adapted to any classroom. The program is based on the British framework and adopts the Bernard Van Leer solid researched approach.

  • Powerful trainers andpractitioners from the best nurseries in Egypt.
  • Highly qualified academically early years educators

Customized Early Years Academic Program: the program follows the British EYFS framework

About the Program

  • Fundamentals of Early Years Teaching:

Early Years educators will dive into the basics of the EYFS Framework

– Developmental areas and goals

– Principles and Theories

– A safe Environment

Teachers will acquire new knowledge and skills using the participatory, experiential methods that are most appropriate for their classrooms.

  • Active Learning and 21st Century Skills (English Language Acquisition):

This unique tailored subdivision of the program empowers early years educators the approach and implementation of active learning for nursery classrooms and preschools around Egypt. This training workshop will also familiarize and help nursery teams construct a 21st century classroom


  • Effective Classroom Management Techniques for Young Learner’s:

Teachers will focus on the different techniques of teaching and managing student behavior to maximize learning in an early childhood program. Effective Classroom management is derived from the social/emotional developmental areas.


  • What is the Early Years Environment?

In this course teachers will learn about the effect of the physical environment as a fundamentalaspect in any early year’s program. Teachers will learn how to create an engagingenvironment both outdoors and indoors.


  • All About Literacy:

This specialized section illustrates pre-literacy understanding and how to introduce it. It is carefully designed to include the development of literacy skills which focus on phonemic awareness, writing, reading, listening and speaking. Meaningful day-to-day activities and support are the core of this program to help foster the capabilities of young ones.

  • Mathematics and Science in the Early Years

This workshop provides an introduction in the areas of Mathematics and Science in which they come to life through play which inspire the curious little minds. It also, demonstratesthe different activities that can be utilized and integrated among other developmental areas. It’s aim is to empower teachers with the right tools and ideas to help develop children’s curiosity, critical thinking, and cognition.


  • Assessment and Observations:

This 5 day program component is designed to offer complete guidance in understanding the EYFS framework assessment approaches. This will include both the assessment for learning and of learning techniques being enforced.

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