Yo7ka Anna

Reading is a necessary part in our life , because of our responsibilities and concerns, It has become a neglect part , but we have a brilliant solution.

YO7KA ANNA is a social enterprise that aims to increase the awareness of reading specially books.

It provides Reading programs for children that makes them good readers to discover and develop their talents and improve creativity using professional way.

YO7KA ANNA has the ability to encourage children age 6 to 9 years old, to read more using ways that help them to love and enjoy reading.

Basically , YO7KA ANNA has professionals from  international schools ,in storytelling from England ,that helps in storytelling sessions especially for teachers and parents.

Actually, child reading takes 10 to 15 minutes in general , but with YO7KA ANNA your child will read more than hour by enjoyable reading methods and fun activities.

With YO7KA ANNA , your child will be more talented.